B2B E-Commerce Solutions For 2018

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The B2B e-commerce industry is currently doing so well. It is said that the total sales made over B2B platform are almost clocking the $1 trillion mark. This is nearly four times total revenue gotten over the B2C e-commerce platforms. Looking into the future, better things are yet to come from B2B e-commerce market. Despite B2B [...]

Best Examples of B2B E-commerce Platforms

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When talking about e-commerce platforms, most people tend to think of online stores where jewelry and cosmetics are sold. They are right; however such commodities are sold online right to the consumer, who most of the time may happen to be an individual. The e-commerce platform has taken a big chunk in the consumer products. Such [...]

Guide to Selecting Your B2B E-commerce Platform

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For first-time e-commerce merchants or those want to venture into this, choosing the best B2B e-commerce platform may prove to be a daunting task. There are many B2b platforms to choose from but with inadequate information about how each is different from the other or what each has in store for you may affect your trading [...]