B2B E-Commerce Solutions For 2018

//B2B E-Commerce Solutions For 2018

B2B E-Commerce Solutions For 2018

The B2B e-commerce industry is currently doing so well. It is said that the total sales made over B2B platform are almost clocking the $1 trillion mark. This is nearly four times total revenue gotten over the B2C e-commerce platforms. Looking into the future, better things are yet to come from B2B e-commerce market. Despite B2B means businesses buying products and services from other company over the internet, today, even startups and medium-sized business are flocking to this online platform and attested to the simplified procurement processes. There are many advantages of B2B e-commerce because they personalize sales for merchants selling in bulk, B2B e-commerce reaches out to multiple B2B buyers, they increase sales channels number, and also B2B e-commerce provides an e-commerce experience for people buying through B2B.

If you ever need to create your B2B e-commerce portal, then there are many ways through which a perfect B2B e-commerce platform is sure to power your dreams in a fraction of a second. There’s no need to look any further, as in this piece we will highlight some of the best B2B e-commerce solutions that will help make a difference in the way you do business online.

  1. Contalog

This program is considered one of the best B2B e-commerce programs which combine various B2B facilities. The program brings your inventory, your orders, product information to the B2B platform when you sync. Some key features of Contalog include a highly advanced report generation. It has custom filters and various conditions depending on your filtering options. It can processes orders in parts depending on your client’s preference. Has unique pricing, also provides multiple order status where you can keep track of multiple order fulfillment processes and much more.

  1. OroCommerce

This is a US-based company developed by the same creators who came up Magento e-commerce platform. The solution is one of the most flexible and also extendible as it allows companies to trade online at a pocket-friendly rate. Also, it enables B2b traders to sell fast with its unique and multiple features such as websites and store, numerous organizations, the numerous shopping lists, and price lists and more.

  1. Handshake

This is also another US-based company that provides B2b e-commerce platform. Its users attest that it makes trading online fast and straightforward. This software is aimed at manufacturers and distributors as it makes it easy for customers to locate and purchase their products. Also, the solution offers solutions intended for the industry verticals.

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