Best Examples of B2B E-commerce Platforms

//Best Examples of B2B E-commerce Platforms

Best Examples of B2B E-commerce Platforms

When talking about e-commerce platforms, most people tend to think of online stores where jewelry and cosmetics are sold. They are right; however such commodities are sold online right to the consumer, who most of the time may happen to be an individual. The e-commerce platform has taken a big chunk in the consumer products. Such online stores are referred to as B2C e-commerce platforms.

Now here comes the deal, ever heard of the B2B e-commerce platforms? This only means business to business electronic commerce platform, where an online store is focused on selling their products and services to other companies and not individuals. The B2B platform is soon taking over the online space, with total revenue of close to $1 trillion now. It is said to eclipse the B2C marketplace up to four times in total revenue. The B2B merchants are considered the online merchants that are the most successful.

Just as the way the B2C e-commerce stores need software, so do the B2B brands. The solutions ensure that they transact effectively with their clients. Also, a solution will help make their products known to the B2B buyers. With a good program for the B2B e-commerce platform, the merchant will have a competitive edge over their competitors who lack one. Some of the most prominent B2B e-commerce platforms have some of the best e-commerce solutions. They frequently invest heavily in developing some of the best application and programs that together help put their platforms ahead of their counterparts. Below are some of the notable B2B e-commerce platforms that you can start your shop with the guarantee of turning your business dreams into reality.

  • ThomasNet

Thomas Net has a rich has a century-long worth of rich history. The B2B e-commerce platform connects the manufacturing as well as the industrial buyer with the sellers. It is so far among the leading B2B online platform for sellers and each month; it receives over 1.9 million customers. This entirely free platform also is frequented by facility managers, engineers as well as purchasing agents. It promotes over 650K distributors as well as manufacturers and service companies from more than 67K industrial categories.

  • Medline

This is currently one of the largest manufacturers of medical supplies in the US and is privately owned. The company distributes over 350K medical products, and this makes them the biggest medical privately owned distributor in the world. The B2b e-commerce platform offers its users up to 9 areas of interest. This personalization, in the end, makes the user get what they are interested in fast.

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